We strive to produce the best desserts in Singapore by using top-quality cake ingredients.
To see a wide variety of desserts, take a look at our gallery below!

Sprinkle Top offers vegan based and gluten free desserts!

We are able to customize fresh baked goods just for you.

Delicious chewy chocolate
brownie smothered in
rich chocolate fudge

Fragrant chocolate-free brownie
filled with coconut and toffee

vanilla brownie
Scrumptious vanilla treat iced
with a light
layer of lemon icing.
Gooey, Butterscotch-y and
full of pecans, and
baked in a butter crust
Filled with fresh bananas
and vanilla custard in
a graham cracker crust
Filled with delicious sweet
potatoes, butter and
a light array of spices

Carrotcake cupcake adorned with
a layer of fluffy
cream cheese icing
Orange cupcake with brandy,
topped with fresh lemon
zest buttercream.
Only available during Christmas.
Delicious yellow butter cupcake
filled with marshmallow fluff and
topped with mini marshmallows
and vanilla frosting.
Vanilla and cinnamon cupcake
made with rich buttermilk,
frosted with a light layer of
vanilla bean buttercream
Vanilla bean cupcake
filled with raspberry puree
and fresh raspberries,
topped with raspberry infused
whipped cream.
Traditional red velvet cupcake
topped with a cream cheese frosting

Our version of the
classic New York cheesecake
featuring a traditional graham
cracker crust
A refreshing cheesecake
baked with fresh mango filling
and topped with
a sweet mango glaze.
Nutella infused cheesecake
with an oreo cookie crust
and topped with
chopped hazelnuts
Chocolate cake
filled with
layers of ganache,
cherry and whipped cream
Made with fresh carrots
and toasted walnuts,
filled and frosted with
cream cheese buttercream
Matcha green tea cake
with a sweet red bean
paste centre,
topped with green tea frosting
Light sponge cake made with
pandan and vanilla cake.
Finished with toasted coconut
Shortcake, strawberry jam,
white chocolate shavings
and strawberries
placed together
Vanilla cake with
cream cheese frosting,
topped with pink
sugar sprinkles
This iconic sponge cake is smooth,
light and springy to the touch
and infused with
lemon zest
Our classic sweet meringues
are crisp and chewy altogether,
revamping it up to
the ultimate classic!
These raspberry-infused
meringues are
soft inside, crisp outside.
A sweet, fruity delight!
This cookie
is where chocolate
combines with macademia nuts
to bring out
nutty goodness.
Our peanut butter cookies
are mixed with our
homemade peanut butter
and wrapped
within our chewy cookie dough
These cookies are packed with
a good blend of oats
and raisins to give that
healthy alternative.
A great choice for
a healthier treat!